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Romanian Point Lace-simple RPL narrow cord

This type of cord is simple to do and can be used for most of the Romanian Point Lace models where the narrow cord is required. Is approx.  3-4 mm wide , very good to use for  small projects or flowers and leaves in the interior of RPL models. For edges is most recommended a wider cord to increase the contrast and beauty.

This is a vintage piece realized with narrow cord . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Try to crochet the cord  a bit loose because like this is more easy to stitch the embroidery  after the cord is basted on the pattern.

Basic pattern is :

Abbreviations: sc- simple chain, TL- turn left

Chain 2 loosely, 1 sc in ch1, TL , 1 sc in second chain ,* TL, 1 sc in second chain ,both loops* .

*1 sc in both loops formed lateral, TL *

repeat from * to *  to achieve desired length

The cord :

simple cord 1 romanian point lace RPL

simple cord 1 romanian point lace RPL


After basting narrow cord , before embroidery looks like this: narrow cord 2

You can crochet in front of TV or in a waiting room as many meters you want and use them after in different projects.

Bast the cord on the cloth transferred pattern and cut cord , one cm longer at the end . Clean the threads from the end using your nails and the cord will unravel till the desired length . The thread from the end can be used to join  the end with another cord according to the pattern.

The rest of the cord will be used in a new project.Next time , the beginning  of the cord ,cleaned of small threads will have 0.5 or 1cm of thread  that will be hidden when you start to do the embroidery .



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RPL video tutorial- wide cord with small dents

30 some years ago, we grow up without internet, with very few magazines and newspapers but with a lot of books.

And when I say a lot,  I literally meant a lot because books were offered in packs – one good and four with communist doctrine or about how to be a good obedient citizen.

In order to buy for example Les Miserables (4 volumes) you had to buy 4 times a pack of 5.

4  good and 16….

I remember that my mom  use to place the good one on the shelfs and the others in a big black bag – to be used for fire at my grandparents place . Why a black bag ? Because even the walls used to have ears then.

One of our neighbors worked in a book store and use to trade good books with coffee. He had always a goodies in his old torn bag. We give up to a lot of coffee for him and of course on top, the price for all packs.

My family is not rich, just simple factory workers but they treasured always the books .

The moral of this story is that not all the time, information was so easy to find as it is today. We are  the lucky ones.

After I tried few days to do this tutorial, I really appreciate much more the effort of so many people that put up on internet so many of useful informations.

 See here the tutorial 

Please comment and let me know if my video is ok .

Good night




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Today I`m feeling blue

Few years ago I bought a large quantity of blue mouline thread to do a big project. Good thing because about 90% is still untouched. I have this fear of unfinished things because of thread finishing before the project is done and, to be sure I buy ….. to much.

A pillow front with Romanian stitched motifs was just the right thing to start with blue .

Red and black are the mainly used traditional colours in Romanian traditional motifs but also blue, green and yellow.

The Romanian traditional motif is the cross and is inspired from the book “ Indemanare si traditie“ by Livia Tichindelean and Mirela Gorea Chelaru.To me looks more like a flower but is nice anyway.

small pillow front stiched with blue Romanian traditional motifs

small pillow front face stiched with blue Romanian traditional motifs

The stitch used is back stitch 1 thread of blue mouline on 2/2 thread of aida


small pillow face stitched with blue traditional Romanian motifs

small pillow front piece stitched with blue Romanian traditional motifs

Happy stitching.

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Romanian Point Lace- two types of double cord

About 5 mm wide,this type of cord can be used to do the petals of flowers as is full but not to wide.

This cord is double, reported to the narrow one,  already presented  here  very well by sunshineharbaugh.


Ch- chain

sc = single crochet

sl st- slip stitch

TL- turn left

Double cord 1: Ch3 loose ,Round one: 1sc in ch2 from hooh, 1 sc in  ch3 from hook, TL,

Round two: skip first ch,1sc in next ch only front loop, 1sc in 2 edge threads, TL

Repeat round 2 to desired length.

double cord 1 crocheted in Romanian point lace

double  cord 1 Romanian Point lace

Double cord 2: Ch3 loose ,Round one: 1sc in ch2 from hooh, 1 sc in  ch3 from hook, TL,

Round two: skip first ch,1sc in next ch ,both loops, 1sc in 2 edge threads, TL

Repeat round 2 to desired length.

double cord 2 crocheted in Romanian point Lace

double cord 2 Romanian point lace

The difference between 1 and 2 is the way you make the middle sc (A-only front loop, B both loops ) first one will make a rounder, full cord on the middle and the second one a cord plate but with same width(blue stripe in foto is about 11mm wide).

double cord type 2 crocheted romanian point lace

double cord type 2 romanian point lace



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Romanian Point Lace- how to measure the lenght of cord

I like to measure the length of cord to use on small projects because I feel like moving faster to the end.

When I do short lengths of cord, I stitch them down on to the project and at the end of the day I can see something done.

Anyway ,I remember that mom use to have a bag with different types of meters and meters of cord rolled on match boxes (don`t n know why ) all with some matches left in. The evenings , at TV, with mom crocheting cord , always had a sound of rattling snakes  of the matches in the box. Then, when a big ball of cord was used for a project, me and my brother bet the number of the matches in the box and the color of the ends. 30 years ago, no computer, I-pads, x-force and still it was easy to play with almost nothing.

I already told you the  story from yesterday so, let`s measure the cord:

All that you have to do is to run a stitch around a motif and after, to take out the thread careful, in one piece,letting aprox. 1-2  cm reserve and using it like a measure.

For edge, in this case I did only a half (36 cm)and then I`ll do one piece of wide cord of double length of thread.

how to do the stitch to measure cord in Romanian Point Lace doily example

how to do the stitch to measure cord in Romanian Point Lace

For flowers,in my example,  I did one (aprox. 60 cm )and after I`ll do four piece of  narrow cord of same length.

how to measure cord in Romanian Point Lace

Of course, if you prefer, is ok to measure how much cord you need in total(2.40 of narrow cord and 72 cm of wide cord -add reserve of1 or 2 cmtrs) , do the entire length and then cut and close neat what ever length  you need.

how to measure cord in Romanian Point lace example of a doily

how to measure cord in Romanian Point lace example of a doily


For big projects with same type of cord all over,  just do some kilometers of cord  :)) and happy croche-stitching after. Only be careful to use same batch of thread if possible, because, believe me, even the small differences will be visible and drive you crazy.

Or may be is just me !!? Later I will tell you how to solve this  colour difference issue.

Good night ladies






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Free pattern Romanian Point Lace square doily-CAL

Finally I am pleased with my final pattern for the doily that I designed last week. I put all project instead of a quarter because is much more easy for the begginers.

daffodil FP1

Now you can transfer the pattern to a piece of cloth as I explained here and check for some thread to do the cord.

Is in PDF format and it will be also published for free on Ravelry where is a very enthusiast  group for Romanian Point Lace with many projects and tutorials .

Thread used is 100% cotton, cream or off-white colour but again you can use what you have.

I use this one in panna colour  .

This is just what I found first , as you are placed all over the world, any of your local suppliers will have something close enough . Thread is about 1 mm in diameter and I use a number 1 crochet.

This is easy and nice for all beginners and advanced crocheters . We can work along this project and I will share different types of cord and fillings.

Just let me a note that you participate at CAL-  and after send me photos with work in progress. This week I wait for all to prepare and then we start from first of july.

Any questions welcomed.







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Romanian Point Lace- How to start a project

Romanian Point Lace doilies are small projects to do whenever you want something small enough to fit in your bag.

To start a project you need

— a pattern.Yes, you can create one. Or you can buy it of course.

— some thread ( original is 100% cotton in cream colour ) but you can use any colour you like

— a crochet needle to fit your thread (I use 1 mm crochet hook) .

Below is a quarter of a pattern created by me to exemplify different types of cord and fillings in Romanian Point Lace . Is not finished yet because  I struggle with a new program to do patterns (hopefully final version will be ready soon)  but you can have a first impression .

a quarter of a doilie in Romanian Point Lace

If you do it yourself, you need to transfer the project to a piece of cloth ( using carbon paper) moving the pattern 90 degrees to create a complete square. The cloth needs to be with 3-4 cm bigger than the pattern. If you have a ready printed one on cloth , skip this point.

The result will be like this :

Romanian Point Lace complete doily pattern

Final dimension : a square of 18/18 cm .

Now I go to sleep but not before I tell you the good night… yesterday story.

To do a big Romanian Point Lace project is necessary to transfer entire project to cloth.To do the transfer you need to pin the pattern over carbon paper and after, both of them over the cloth and start to pass over tracing the pattern with a pen.

My mother (remember that we had communist times then ) borrowed pins from all lady neighbors and put me to count them and made a list  in order to return correct number to each one. Funny now but for me, to count so many pins was not. I still hate to transfer big patterns .

Good night ladies


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