Romanian Point Lace- How to start a project

Romanian Point Lace doilies are small projects to do whenever you want something small enough to fit in your bag.

To start a project you need

— a pattern.Yes, you can create one. Or you can buy it of course.

— some thread ( original is 100% cotton in cream colour ) but you can use any colour you like

— a crochet needle to fit your thread (I use 1 mm crochet hook) .

Below is a quarter of a pattern created by me to exemplify different types of cord and fillings in Romanian Point Lace . Is not finished yet because  I struggle with a new program to do patterns (hopefully final version will be ready soon)  but you can have a first impression .

a quarter of a doilie in Romanian Point Lace

If you do it yourself, you need to transfer the project to a piece of cloth ( using carbon paper) moving the pattern 90 degrees to create a complete square. The cloth needs to be with 3-4 cm bigger than the pattern. If you have a ready printed one on cloth , skip this point.

The result will be like this :

Romanian Point Lace complete doily pattern

Final dimension : a square of 18/18 cm .

Now I go to sleep but not before I tell you the good night… yesterday story.

To do a big Romanian Point Lace project is necessary to transfer entire project to cloth.To do the transfer you need to pin the pattern over carbon paper and after, both of them over the cloth and start to pass over tracing the pattern with a pen.

My mother (remember that we had communist times then ) borrowed pins from all lady neighbors and put me to count them and made a list  in order to return correct number to each one. Funny now but for me, to count so many pins was not. I still hate to transfer big patterns .

Good night ladies



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