Romanian Point Lace- plate cord free patern

This simple to do plate cord can be used on edges of projects and also in the interior of projects where wide cord is required. Wide approx 8 mm.

I used this cord here on the square doily just finished for July CAL on Rav , crochet hook no1,

thread  thread used for cord in romanian point lace

thread used for cord in romanian point lace

Hope you like it.

Ch- chain
sc = single crochet
TL- turn left
First:chain 3,1 sc in each chain- this is foundation row, TL
Row 1:*skip first ch ,1 sc in second ch from hook (both threads), 1 sc in third ch from hook(both threads), 1 sc in the edge ( take only one thread), TL* repeat to desired length.

plate cord romanian point lace

plate cord romanian point lace

to see the difference

compare between two romanian lace cords

compare between two romanian lace cords


And now, the story (of yesterday).

Most of you already know that I grow up in a communist country.  I soon learned that being left handed is a kind of shame or disease and, if you can, is better to try to pretend that you are“ normal“ .

First class at school, despite the fact that I knew to write well ,thanking to my 2 years older brother, I was forced to learn  again how to write correct- with the good hand, the right one.

My lovely teacher found that a good way to do this is to put a glove in my left hand and to tide it to my back with a cord (not Romanian cord).  What do you want more for a small girl to feel “special“ ??brother

I still have flash backs with my mother whispering – do not use THAT hand,  and later a lot of people around-Oh my god, you are left handed !!

Finally I learned to do almost all things like “normal“ people and I still try to hide “the disease“.  I learned also that being different( left handed, gay,dyslexic, autist) is not easy, not pleasant but is in your brain and it cannot be changed. Wish all the best to all normal or special people around.

Good night ladies



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4 responses to “Romanian Point Lace- plate cord free patern

  1. Maryelaine

    My 6 year old daughter is left handed. I thank God every day that things have changed and she isn’t going through what so many went through. Thank you for sharing your talent and your story.


  2. I ahve a daughter that is ambidextris She had to choose a hand to write with at school becasue she kept bouncing between teh two and well this casued letters to be backwards and things of that sort. So yes she picked right hand becasue it would be easier in the long run for writting but for everything else I told use which ever hand you are comfortable with. She knew we were not being mean to her but that somethings in life you have to make some sort of desionion on and flipping hands ever two or three letters was hard for her as she never knew where to start letters b and d’s are nighmares still becasue of this. I have told her she should write with her left hand every now and again at home so that her hand stays skilled as you never know if you are going to loose the use of a hand and to have skills in both hands to me is better than one hand. So if you still have skill in your left hand make sure and use for something to keep the hand corrdinated May be your best blessing in the future.


    • I use both hands for all things, almost equal. When one is tired I use the other one.I had difficulties in school with H letter and J. Sometimes even now, if I am tired with S


  3. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and stories. The world would be a very small place if it were only “normal” people. Everyone has something to offer.


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