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Cross stitch hearts pillow

A lovely cross stitch pillow with 12 hearts finished. Each one is different. Easy, fast and nice to do project.

Be careful to measure enough allowance around. I let about 15 points – pattern is 153/153, I calculated 183/183 and after another 2 cm all around. I started from left side down, made the frame first and then the heart. Colour is dark red 814 from DMC . I think that cream on white will look great too, or black… it will be a repeat for sure.

Beautiful pattern from

SNC00303 SNC00309 SNC00324 SNC00326

Thank you Marie.

I have a heart pattern collection and yours is on top.Good for Valentine gifts too, one heart for a small potpourri or a pin cushion.

Still have to do the actual pillow, now is just the front . In fact 3 or 4 ready to be done pillows wait on “to do“ list. I am at work from 7.30 to 17.30 and “to do“ list is loooong.

Have a nice day ladies.


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Original hook for Romanian Point Lace

If you have difficulties to crochet the cord for Romanian Point Lace the problem can be the hook.

As you can see from photos the hook is very thin all along length.These are the original hooks (from Romania) used for RPL. Small number crochet hooks from England or Italy (no 0.75 or 1) are small only at the end.

SNC00468 SNC00472 SNC00473SNC00467

Try to find hooks similar to these, very thin on all length. Even here, in RPL country, only one factory still  produce this kind of hooks.

Have a good day ladies.

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Back to you with RPL free doily pattern

After few month without posts I am back and ready to blogg again. Good news is that I am back home (in Romania) so I have access to good thread  and supplies for Romanian Point Lace. Hopefully I will be OK again and post more often.

No matter what, I can see that there are over 10.000 visitors and top country is USA. Thank you all for visiting my humble playground.I promise new patterns and beautiful projects to do together.

Today a doily, free pattern , 54 cm long, 34 cm wide .


PDF format:

mll8-q1 mll8-q2 mll8-q3 mll8-q4 mll8-t mll8-tt

Print 4 quarters (each one is an A4 format) , see on mll8-t how look the parts together and on mll8-tt where to put the bars.

To see how to start a project check here

To see how to do the cord

To see how to bast the cord :

For any details I am here or on Ravelry  with the Romanian Pont Lace Group

Hope you like it. Enjoy


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