RPL filling stitch for leaves-how to

Today I finished a new Romanian Point Lace pattern special for Valentine Day and when I did the pictures I thought of the big number of filling stitches that I use and sometimes I stay and think which one will look better.

Many  RPL (romanian point lace ) models have leaves or spaces that need to be filled in order to obtain a beautiful, delicate lace.  One of the most simple stitches is the infinite stich.

The name comes from the shape of  the stitch, like an horizontal eight- the sign of infinite. To realize this stitch ,insert the needle in the cord near the base of the leave (or space to be completed) and make two stitches behind the needle to secure the thread . From the base of the leave (left or right – as you feel comfortable) insert the needle in the lateral stitch of the cord from top – down with the thread over the needle held up  with the finger and go parallel ,to the opposite part and insert again the needle in same way . The thread will be held down toward the end of the leave at each stitch with the thumb and inserted in the lateral of  the cord .A finished leave bellow.




If the space is bigger and this stitch is not filling well the pattern ,you can pass to the next level and do a stitch over this one, in the middle (like a rib).



To do this stitch, start from the middle base(or top) of the leave and do one (or two)buttonhole stitches on the right and other one or two  to the left side keeping the stitches always in the middle .


I started from the top in this case and I did two stitches each side because the space between cords is equal from base to the top and quite wide. Finished it looks like this.


Romanian Point Lace  filling stitches are various and you can choose which ever you feel like. Even if the pattern has one specific filling feel free to change and experiment and in this way you will have a true piece of art with a little bit of your imagination and originality .



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2 responses to “RPL filling stitch for leaves-how to

  1. Gorgeous. I am so inspired by your project but currently working on 2nd move in 10 months so that must come first, dang it.


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