Valentine Day=Dragobete Day in Romania

Dragobete Day (Romanian Valentine Day) has very old roots, being celebrated even during the Dacians. Dragobetele is similar of the Roman Cupid and Eros.

Country people remember their old habit of adolescent girls and boys who went in to the woods to gather snowdrops, violets, incense, and put them to use for various charms of love.Towards noon, the girls raced to the village, each followed by the boy who loved them. After the girl was caught, the boy stoles a kiss in the open, which symbolize their love for the whole year.

It is also imperative 🙂  that in the Dragobete Day, men to be cordial relationships with females.Men are not allowed to bother women, nor to engage in quarrels or they will have bad luck all year. Both boys and girls have a duty to be happy on Dragobete day  to be loved throughout the year.

Field works, weaving, sewing, household heavy chores on Dragobete Day are not allowed. Instead, light cleaning can be done , considered that bring growth and freshness in your life .

You can not cry on Dragobete day. It is said that tears flowing in this day are bringing trouble and grief- in the coming months.

As you can see Valentine day is very similar to romanian Dragobete day (both celebrate love) the difference is just 10 days – from 14 February to 24 February and for a good measure the romanians celebrate both days with  same chocolate, flowers, and parties as everybody on the planet.

Happy Valentine Day to you all.h13-a



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