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Cross stitch hearts pillow

A lovely cross stitch pillow with 12 hearts finished. Each one is different. Easy, fast and nice to do project.

Be careful to measure enough allowance around. I let about 15 points – pattern is 153/153, I calculated 183/183 and after another 2 cm all around. I started from left side down, made the frame first and then the heart. Colour is dark red 814 from DMC . I think that cream on white will look great too, or black… it will be a repeat for sure.

Beautiful pattern from http://www.carton-marie.fr/

SNC00303 SNC00309 SNC00324 SNC00326

Thank you Marie.

I have a heart pattern collection and yours is on top.Good for Valentine gifts too, one heart for a small potpourri or a pin cushion.

Still have to do the actual pillow, now is just the front . In fact 3 or 4 ready to be done pillows wait on “to do“ list. I am at work from 7.30 to 17.30 and “to do“ list is loooong.

Have a nice day ladies.


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