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Video for 3D shape cord-rpl free pattern

Hi again,

My post about the tridimensional crocheted RPL cord was not very clear so I tried to do a video.

Any further questions are welcomed.

And  the story.

At the end of September, tourists return at their homes and the sea is a deserted place. Again. Not that I don`t like the silence. Is just that feeling that you miss something ( the sounds, the music).

a tree on the beach after storm

a tree on the beach after storm

Every year they let something behind, something to remember. An umbrella, a ball, a doll.You can find them on the beach laing  abandoned, sad.  This year is different. Is something cute, sweet and very naughty.

He is already friend with my 4 cats and thinks that is the owner of the house.

Cute. Have a nice day ladies.


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RPL video tutorial- wide cord with small dents

30 some years ago, we grow up without internet, with very few magazines and newspapers but with a lot of books.

And when I say a lot,  I literally meant a lot because books were offered in packs – one good and four with communist doctrine or about how to be a good obedient citizen.

In order to buy for example Les Miserables (4 volumes) you had to buy 4 times a pack of 5.

4  good and 16….

I remember that my mom  use to place the good one on the shelfs and the others in a big black bag – to be used for fire at my grandparents place . Why a black bag ? Because even the walls used to have ears then.

One of our neighbors worked in a book store and use to trade good books with coffee. He had always a goodies in his old torn bag. We give up to a lot of coffee for him and of course on top, the price for all packs.

My family is not rich, just simple factory workers but they treasured always the books .

The moral of this story is that not all the time, information was so easy to find as it is today. We are  the lucky ones.

After I tried few days to do this tutorial, I really appreciate much more the effort of so many people that put up on internet so many of useful informations.

 See here the tutorial 

Please comment and let me know if my video is ok .

Good night




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