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Valentine heart -Romanian point lace

Valentine Day  is not a romanian tradition but we have a very similar one on 24 February named Dragobete. The story about this tradition in my country will follow soon.

I was thinking what to do this year to celebrate the moment and of course what can be better than a heart ? A pillow with a heart 🙂

Romanian point lace heart in the middle of a decorative pillow is something that you can give to someone loved, appreciated or respected, for Valentine day, Mother day, 1 year day or …. anytime. Even on a T-shirt look nice. I will take a photo soon.

My dear husband liked a lot the drawing so for him is enough. My mother suggested to put the heart on a frame  ??!! What a good idea.

This is the first photo made after I did the pattern

heart 13-2


Final result

heart 13-1

I am happy with the result. More details to come.



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