Romanian Point Lace-simple RPL narrow cord

This type of cord is simple to do and can be used for most of the Romanian Point Lace models where the narrow cord is required. Is approx.  3-4 mm wide , very good to use for  small projects or flowers and leaves in the interior of RPL models. For edges is most recommended a wider cord to increase the contrast and beauty.

This is a vintage piece realized with narrow cord . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Try to crochet the cord  a bit loose because like this is more easy to stitch the embroidery  after the cord is basted on the pattern.

Basic pattern is :

Abbreviations: sc- simple chain, TL- turn left

Chain 2 loosely, 1 sc in ch1, TL , 1 sc in second chain ,* TL, 1 sc in second chain ,both loops* .

*1 sc in both loops formed lateral, TL *

repeat from * to *  to achieve desired length

The cord :

simple cord 1 romanian point lace RPL

simple cord 1 romanian point lace RPL


After basting narrow cord , before embroidery looks like this: narrow cord 2

You can crochet in front of TV or in a waiting room as many meters you want and use them after in different projects.

Bast the cord on the cloth transferred pattern and cut cord , one cm longer at the end . Clean the threads from the end using your nails and the cord will unravel till the desired length . The thread from the end can be used to join  the end with another cord according to the pattern.

The rest of the cord will be used in a new project.Next time , the beginning  of the cord ,cleaned of small threads will have 0.5 or 1cm of thread  that will be hidden when you start to do the embroidery .



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3 responses to “Romanian Point Lace-simple RPL narrow cord

  1. I love the tutorials you provide – thank you so much for sharing so generously! Mind you, I already have more projects in mind than years left to live 🙂 I have fallen in love with Romanian lace…


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