New Valentine Hearts- felt and hand embroidery/ Inimioare noi de Sfantul Valentin-din fetru, brodate manual

Good morning ,

Valentine’s Day is coming again, international (14 February) and our Romanian one, Dragobetele (24 February).

Even if there are always controversies to decide which of the two days are suitable for a declaration of love we found way to “reconcile goat and cabbage“  (the story of this proverb to be found here) meaning we celebrate both .The girls prepare the most beautiful smiles to receive hearts from their boyfriends (husbands ) and the boys will have the opportunity to show how romantic they are and will be invitations for a drink, or if you are not a student, even at a restaurant, flowers and more (not to be publicized here ).

For this year Valentine day, I prepared felt hearts, red of course, embroidered with silver metallic thread and blanket stitched edges with white (DMC). Only 12 small pieces yet ready but I prepared slightly larger version (in work).


Can be used as Key ring,  Charm for memory sticks or for bags, hanging from the rear-view mirror of the car, or wherever you want and you will always have in front of your eyes a nice heart (with small patch because we all have brave hearts that went through more).

If you want to make your own, you can easily cut two red felt hearts (any color is just as good), about 6 cm height and 8 cm wide, cut a piece of ribbon 0.5 cm wide, long 16 cm and looking for a bit stuffing for pillows,or if you don`t have , pharmacy cotton wool will do the same. See below front and back of the heart.

After you do nice embroidery with golden thread, silver or whatever you find in the box, starting to assembly those two pieces is simple. In blanket stitch I started to pin up ribbon, then continued with blanket stitch, up to ¾ total length. Here it is point where the needle is let down and you start filling until thickened heart is chubby and soft. If you’re having, you can sneak in there a few lavender flowers (1/2 teaspoon) – the little heart will smell nice and you have already a little secret. Blanket stitches to continue till the end and you have to add strengthens to ribbon area taking care not to become ugly.


And now, the “yesterday story“ about the meaning of goat and cabbage :

“ To reconcile goat and cabbage“ means making happy one and another when interests are opposed. Hungry goat needs to be fed and cabbage to escape in one piece.

A little hard to do, but hey, what is easy in life? If you sit and ponder a little, we are often in this situation and if we`re honest we can recognize that most times we need to get away uneaten. Probably coming from here is the expression: Man, you’re cabbage!! as a rude nickname for someone just not good at what he does.“

Have a great day ,ladies !


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